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Advice Please

Posted by concerned mum on 10 August 2016.

My son is currently in a UK prison awaiting trial...he has been in and out of custody since 16 and is now 21...Nearly all offences drug and alcohol related...I have at the moment authorised use of his bank account to pay debts and keep an eye on his finances...He has just called me and and asked for hundred pound to be paid into a prison drug dealers bank account...What the hell do I do now? sensible answers please I'm worried sick and don't know what to do :-(


18 Aug 2016

Hi, i only joined today but I, like you, wonder why there are not many comments (I saw a previous comment by you).
First, its been 8 days so how is your son? 
You've probably already made the decision to give/not give him the money but thought I would comment anyway.
My partner is in prison so I can imagine how scary it was to get that call. 
You know your son best. If you feel he is in danger then I would pay it. But if you did you would really need to set some boundaries going forward. Is he in a rehab program? Do you get to visit him?

Icarus Trust
19 Sep 2016

Am so sorry to hear the latest news of your son. I just wanted to remind you that if you thought it would be of help that The Icarus Trust does have experienced trained volunteers you could talk to.
You can contact us on or visit the website
It is a free service which you might find useful.
All the best!

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