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Alcaholic dad

Posted by Jess241082 on 21 April 2016.

I'm 33 years old and my dad has been an Alcaholic for as long as I can remember, never a drinker in pubs and never ever violent towards us, he's always been great fun and loads of friends. When I just had a baby at 22 my mum finally reached all she could take and packed her bags and moved out and I can totally understand why, dad drinking was becoming worse and she was beginning to be grinder down after 24 years of marriage. I moved out and dads drinking got worse as no one keeping tabs on him, he lost a lot of friends and started to take a few drugs and had thieves knocking on he's door with nicked booze, move on ten years dad was a shadow of him former self, stick think laying in bed all day couldn't use the bathroom wouldn't eat or wash! He got robbed while he was sleeping a few times and I was was constantly worried sick! He took a real turn for the worse and was hospitalised for a week with a huge stomache and had 12 litres drained from he's stomache and diagnosed with cerrosis, I took the choice to move my self my partner and my three children in to care for dad as I knew with family around him things could change (I prayed anyway) we moved in straight away and my dad is absalutly thriving and loving life and seeing it through sober eyes for the first time ever, he's not touched a drop of Alcahol in 7 months and has the best relationship with my kids they love it!! He has regular tips to hospital he's bloods are better each time!! It's not been easy and I've felt stress and worry like I didn't realise was possible, but thinks have worked and I know I have done the right thing, he eats three meals a day too plus snacks!! It's been harder than we will ever know for my dad to quit the booze and trust me he was on bottles and bottles a day!! But im taking things each day and do not Google he's health issues just enjoying having a dad and he's enjoying having me!! This is a story to say things can change sometimes believe it or not xxx


Icarus Trust
22 Apr 2016

Hi Jess
It is so good to read your really positive story. How brilliant you have been for your dad. What a lucky man. I hope things continue to be good but if you ever need to talk get in touch with us at The Icarus Trust as we are a charity that support the families of addicts.
You can contact us on or visit the website
Good luck. I hope things keep going well.

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