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Alcoholic Father

Posted by KW1 on 10 July 2014.

I'm 18 and for as long as I can remember my dad has been an alcoholic. I remember when I was young, he used to just drink at the weekends then that increased to drinking everyday, morning and night. He stopped drinking for a while and recently has began drinking again. He stops now and then for a couple of days then drinks constantly for a few weeks. My dad has had problems with his stomach which I can only assume is down to the amount of alcohol he has drank throughout his life. 
Just recently he fell when drunk which landed him in intensive care and he was very lucky to have survived. But still that didn't open his eyes and make him stop drinking. Last year he lost his dad which is the only really traumatic life experience he has experienced and the drinking started long before my grandad died so I really struggle to understand why he had to drink. 
He doesn't  work, any money he gets goes on alcohol. My mum struggled financially and it is starting to have an impact on her as she usually hides her emotions but recently has been showing she is stressed and worried. After losing my grandad, whom I was very close with.. I am terrified of losing my dad. 
How do I get through this? I can't sleep and find myself crying for no reason. I don't want to go out or socialise. I'd happily sit and feel sorry for myself in my room but I know that is not the right thing to do.


27 Jul 2014

I know what your going  through, my mum was a heavy alcoholic and my dad had left a few years earlier, I was always 'babysitting' her and was ashamed to invite friends round. I was always scared of leaving her alone and when I would go out I would worry  constantly. You need to find someone who you can trust in and talk to about how your feeling, it may be a close friend or someone on here! I didn't talk to anyone but I wished the whole time I could. I am here if you want to talk x

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