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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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Posted by danros on 30 October 2014.

my son is an addict and did all the right things to get funding for long term rehab went to a crisis centre every morning for 3weeks then got a bed he had to get his meth down from 100 m to 80 m before he could get into the long term clinic he did not know what medication he was given but was doing great looked great after his three weeks they told him that they did not think it was safe for to cut him down and had arranged follow up but that was a joke he got out on the thursday was to go to appoiment on friday went with a friend did not have his medication for that day as they went in the morning waited four hours before he was told that his worker was not there and she had doubled booked and did not see anyone till the next week i felt so sorry for him also made enquires castle craig would have taken him in the way he was if they would give them the funding but no way were they going to do that what does it matter who gets the funding as long as he was getting the help but its all about the money and half of the councilers get there money for nothing very angry mum .


1 Nov 2014

They don't really help do they....
They do sit and get there money easy...we have to jump through hoops and still get no are lucky your child is still sound like a good mum''' lots of my sons friends that are on drugs have died.....I go to my sons surgery a lot..and have been going for used to be heaving with young lads and lasses..but know its empty....

2 Nov 2014

Until the government start taking rehab seriously, and look at the cold hard facts ( most men and women end up in jail due to their addiction, which in turn means they are forking out a mass of money ) then addicts will always be let breaks my heart to know that so little money is ploughed into drug centres...not sure what the answer is!

6 Nov 2014

Hi Danros,

I am so sorry to hear this, it's unbelievable!  The Icarus Trust have a free signposting service to suitable and local alternatives for help, which may be better than what you were initially given.  You will also have a Family Friend to speak to about your situation which will help you.  If you would like to get in touch with them, you can email them on or go to their website

I wish you all the best, and that a solution is found for you soon!

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