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daughter meets druggy

Posted by david on 7 March 2016.

5 years ago my daughter left her husband for another chap he seemed ok to start with but as time went on I learnt more about him he had done time for badly beating his wife infront of his children he is a drug addict and I believe she is taking them , he agrees to let her see her children(she lost custody of them so long as the chap is around they are looked after by other family members)then stops her at the last minute or he lets her meet them then 2 mins later will phone and order her home and she  goes,  I asked her why she does not leave him and she replied  dad I would but its not that easy I have to think of the children she rarely sees the kids or phones not even on there birthdays on the odd time she answered her phone to me he is in the back ground shouting and swearing to give her a few hundred quid (I refuse) since she has been with him she has gone from having a nice house her kids to loosing weight no money begging for  money and food outside shops sleeping in doorways  she has been attacked by drug dealers and ended in hospital and scarred for life for not paying there debts  she has been been to court for shop lifting  driving offences he has been to court for several minor offence    he is a foul mouthed violent & controlling bully    due to all this I am now suffering for post traumatic stress & depression I have been so low I have self harmed  considered overdose and have been off from work for three weeks and hope one day it will all end                 I just  cant cope with this at times but councelling is helping  but it seems a slow progress


8 Mar 2016

re daughter meets druggy
I would like to here from any body else who has or is going through this or similar  to see how you are coping or dealing with things and maybe have a chat on this forum as my counsellor tells me it would be good to talk to others

10 Mar 2016

I am so sorry to hear how your daughter is suffering and how that is affecting your health.  You may want to talk to someone who has had some experience of what you have been going through.

I work for a charity called The Icarus Trust that was set up to support families and friends of addicts and they will be able to help you.  We have experienced and trained volunteers called Family Friends who you could talk to if you wanted to.  It is a free service.  You can contact us on or visit the website

I hope that you will be able to get some help and support and good luck with your counselling.

10 Mar 2016

thanks for reply charlotte I am having counselling from Italk organised by my doctor only had one visit so far waiting on more appointments and hope that  will help  I have talked to three different specialists and they try to show me how to think more positively and look foreword  which help but it only takes a small incident to make me feel its all my fault and go back to stage one but I now have your people at Icarus (family friends)trust to listen I will I will contact them when me treatment with italk is done if things don't get better   thank you for advice david

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