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Feeling broken

Posted by Gabby on 13 November 2017.

Whenever I tried to bring up about my daughter using drugs she said she used to, but not anymore. She has now told me straight that she is a cocaine addict and she needs help. I had noticed that she was often down & very tired & broke. However, I always put it down to the fact that she contracted viral meningitis when she was little & this had attacked her left lobel side of her brain making her emotionally  impulsive & increasing her tiredness - recently diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) in the last two years. She had to come out of mainstream school because of her deteriorating behavior. Unfortunately she got caught up with the ‘wrong kind’ .
I felt I had done the right thing, but the other young people she was now mixing with had their own issues too. Boyfriends were plenty & promiscuity was a fact. Her OT told me that this was a common affect as was the lack of friendship groups due to her impulsive personality & emotional issues.
I was a single parent, but felt we had a good supportive family. These ‘boyfriends’ I’ve later found out were into cocaine and that one particular man used to have sex with her against her will on many occasions due to being ‘coked up’ This has upset me no end and I feel so bad about her issues with men as well as her continued drug abuse. I blame myself as I had abusive relationships including with her ‘Dad’ and now I don’t know which way to turn. She has arranged to get help, but I don’t know if she will stick to it...She says she has taken cocaine because it helps her stop drinking (which can be to the point of near unconsciousness!) There are so many different issues I would go on for a long time, I need help to know how to deal with this and support her the best way any mother would :-((


Icarus Trust
17 Nov 2017

Hi Gabby,
Thank you for posting and sharing your story. It must be  very hard  dealing with your daughter's addiction and trying to support her.
May be you could use some support for yourself too? If you think it would help, please contact The Icarus Trust as we are a charity that provides support for people dealing with the addictions of a loved one. We offer a free service and have trained experienced people you could talk with which might help you to  deal with what you are facing.
You can contact us on or visit the website
I am sure you are a really supportive mum. Good luck with everything.

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