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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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Frantic mum and fifi.....

Posted by CANT TAKE NO MORE on 17 September 2014.

Miss you both, and hope life is treating you as well as can be.....please let me know your both ok...luv and hugs always xxxxx


21 Sep 2014

Hi hun, life is ok at the moment, just had a week in Portugal so feeling much better for having that : ) Just waiting for my son to be moved to a long term prison , where he might get help with his addictions. So happy to hear your lad is still on the straight and narrow, stay positive!!! If you read this Sue, thought's are with you, hope all is ok xx  take care Susie , I will pop on this site every now and then love fiona xxx

22 Sep 2014

Lovely to hear from you Fiona...glad you enjoyed your hols.....I'm a little worried about there any other way I can contact her? Really hope your boy gets the help he needs......sending love to you xxxxx

26 Sep 2014

Hi Susie and Fiona sorry for worrying you both, ive not been on for a while cos nothing much has changed and I feel unable to offer support at the moment. Life is very dark and has been for a few months now, not seen or heard anything from my son, he was seen leaving his flat with a large bag in july and when my other son asked around he was told he was living with a woman who was also an addict.  I have prayed many times for a rest from all the lies anger and violence but I still worry about how he is, I feel like im sitting on a ticking time bomb, just waiting for the big bang that is sure to come. Im so fed up with living this way but am at a total loss how to stop. Anyway enough about me how are you two lovely ladies hope you are managing to find some peace, its so lovely to know you both care enough to worry about me even though we are strangers it really has touched my heart, there is some good in this horrid world, I will try to visit the site more often if only to keep in touch with you both, take care and keep strong ladies 
sending bundles of love and cyber hugs 
love Sue Xxxxx

26 Sep 2014

Oh Sue, I was really worried and hoped things might have been a little's hard the not knowing, but remember when he is ready to change he will.....we never stop worrying, and god our sons know how much we love and care for them...but addiction is something that steals their whole being, and replaces someone we don't know..,hang on in there Sue.,,you are a remarkable mother, and don't forge that ...,and you have a wealth of experience on this and I have lived it for years.....hugs my darling, and prayers for those addicts out there....xxxxx

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