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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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Frustrated and emotional

Posted by May on 29 November 2017.

I got Married a year ago to my childhood sweetheart from the age of 17, I am now 31 and have been through many different situations which lead us to break up and get back together. When we finally decided this is what we wanted, we got married but it was shortly after that I noticed a change in his behaviour and looking rather withdrawn and spending alot of time in the toilet. I would look through the keyhole and had no clue until one day I found cocaine. He has been on this for 2 years now and has spend so much money to go rehab abroad in august which I was very supportive of. 2 days after rehab and he went back to taking drugs again. It's got to a point where he is always sniffing during the night and binging during the day. We hardly spend time together, anything I say is dismissed and our relationship has dipped to an all time low. I don't know what to do, he runs off on holiday because that's his only escape but how many times will he do this, until he stops? His family are aware but they don't confront the situation which ultimately makes me look like the negative one. I'm only trying to make him understand so that he can acknowledge what he is doing and move forward with his life. I'm losing the will to live and dont know what else to do.... his tolerance level is low and snaps at anything I say, he speaks to me in a negative tone and would rather be alone most of the time. I want to help him, but it's difficult when he brushes off anything I say..... I don't know what to do. :-(


Icarus Trust
1 Jan 2018

Hi May,
Thank you for posting. I'm sorry to read about the bad time you're having trying to help your husband. You may be interested to know that the charity The Icarus Trust offers support for people ,like yourself , who are affected by the addictions of a family member or friend. We have people called 'family friends' who are trained and very experienced. If you contact us you could talk with one of these which might help you decide what to do next.
You can contact us on or visit the website
I hope that you can get some help. Good luck with everything.

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