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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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Heart broken but staying positive.

Posted by Annon20 on 6 March 2017.

My mother was an alcoholic. She lost her battle with alcoholism last year which left me heart broken. I tried my best to help her and support her as she was desperate to stop. I still think about what I could have done every day and night before I go to sleep to help her. I spoke to her one minute and the next she was gone - the dreaded phone call came. For the past year I've been torturing myself and feel I've no where to turn to. I feel my sisters don't understand because the didn't have the same relationship as I did. 

Every day is a struggle and for people who understand this - you're not alone. 
I've taken the first step in dealing with my grief and you can do it too. Don't bottle it up. Speak out and it's ok to cry and get angry and shout until you're exhausted. Ask for help - speak to helplines and support groups. Speak to friends if you can't speak to family - everybody grieves in different ways as I've discovered. 

I miss my mum more everyday and I love her more than anything. I will live my life to the full because she couldn't and because she wanted me to be happy and she was so proud of me and told me everyday. 

Take that first step. It feels like the biggest step you'll ever take. Be brave and know this is the beginning. You can help you!


Icarus Trust
14 Mar 2017

Thank you for sharing your very sad story of how you lost your mum to her drinking. It is heart breaking to read but thank you for sharing the message that its important to get help yourself when dealing with a loved ones addiction.
The Icarus Trust is a charity that provides support to the friends and family of people with addictions.
You can contact us on or visit the website
Please don't think you're alone in this. There are people out there who will listen and offer support.

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