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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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Posted by Tricia on 9 November 2015.

I have a son and daughter who have been heroin addicts for 25 years my daughter is also epileptic  she lost her kids 10 years ago so has my son I have tried everything in my power to help them I hardly ever c my daughter I am a empty shell my health is not good because of the worry I am on antidepressants there is no help here for families I wish I wasn't here sometimes cause they are my kids and I can't help them I don't know where to turn


12 Nov 2015

Hi Tricia, I am sorry to read of our distress. I can understand how you feel as I also have a daughter who may loose her children as she can no longer hide her addiction. I also feel that emptyness. I am working on myself to keep my head above water. You are not alone.

Icarus Trust
11 Jan 2016

Hi Tricia and Hopeful,
I am so sad that both of you feel so alone but there  is help for friends and families of addicts. The Icarus Trust is a charity that supports people like yourselves who are having to cope with  a loved one's addiction. We have experienced trained volunteers who you could talk with. They may help you to find a way ahead and not feel so alone. They may also be able to signpost you to other help that is available.  
 You can contact us on or visit the website
I really hope that you will be able to get  help and support. Good luck with everything.

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