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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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Help me be strong..........

Posted by scanners on 7 November 2014.

Hello my lovelys, its been a tough few months but I can honestly say things are looking up! I will start off with me for a change, I did not think a few months ago that I would ever get out of that hole I was stuck in due to my son's behaviour and how it affected me, but with help from family, friends and a doctor who was the spitting image of Colin Firth which helped tremendously I must say!! I am good, I have rosy cheeks, I sleep well, I spend time with my young son and grandson, my daughter, and of course my lovely mum. I also have money to pay my bills, have a cupboard and fridge with food actually in it, and when im at work my mind is on my job..........My son was in court last monday and again they have adjourned it for a pre sentence report, he goes back in a month, as a family we all went with him, to support him what ever the outcome. His father took some control and he now lives with him, he got himself a full time job, he has 121 counselling for his cannabis habit and he sees his probation officer once a week, he is doing very well, earning his own money and saving it!! Can you believe that?? He used to take my very last penny for his drugs and now he is saving!! I hope the judge can see he is trying to turn his life around and he did plead guilty to breaking the molestation order so that might be in his favour, we will see. He also attends a drugs councilling group and the feed back from them is that he is very keen to stop smoking the cannabis and he is taking all the help available.we are taking one day at a time, god bless my lovelys xxx


8 Nov 2014

Hi scanners...I'm so pleased...small steps , things coming together...I really hope he maintains this positivity..he is very lucky he has such a great mum n dad....hugs Hunni xxx

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