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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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Heroin and my son

Posted by Shaneal on 18 December 2016.

Hi l really just do not think l can take any more l have a large family of 1 daughter and 4 sons and my two eldest sons are drug addicts one in prison and has spent most of his adult life in there and the other son after 20 years and nearly losing his own family he went to rehab for 3 months , he looked so good  when he returned and put on weight and l thought the misery was over but l am sure he is back on heroin he has lost weight and he avoids me and l can only put it down to him saying l would be the first to see if he went back on drugs. I have told him that l am worried but he just says hes not doing anything but l know the signs . Part of me tries to fool myself by thinking l might be wrong but l do not think l am maybe l just do not want to face it again. Do l just let him get on with it hes a 36 year old man with 3 kids and if he wants to lose them all because of his selfishness  what can l do ?  I am so so tired of this my health has suffered my other children to not speak to thier brothers and the pain l feel is unbearable sometimes l just want to die then this pain will stop. Help someone tell me what to do


19 Dec 2016

my family is very much like this they have disowned their brother , my little grandaughter is estranged to my son , we have always been a happy close family and its breaking my heart but i think we have to concentrate on the good or else we too become victims

Icarus Trust
21 Dec 2016

Hi Shaneal and Valerie

Thank you for sharing your stories which I find very sad to read. It is heart breaking to see a loved one's life being ruined by addiction and I do feel for you both. 
If it would help to talk to someone who would understand what you are dealing with please contact The Icarus Trust. We are a charity set up specially for people who are, like you, dealing with the impact of a family member's addiction. If you get in touch you could speak to one of our experienced trained volunteers called family Friends which might help you.
 You can contact us on or visit the website
Good luck to both of you.

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