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I'm now scared of taking drugs.

Posted by Danni x on 6 November 2014.

Hello, I'm 19 years old, and never really taken drugs before until I tried It with my friend. We took mdma a few months ago! And it was a really good night, which made us begin to take the drug every weekend for the past 3 weeks. I had no problem and was absolutely fine! We would laugh about the night before ect. However the well after me and my friend were really drunk and decided to take a pill.. I had a really weird sensation and it kind of scared me when it hit me.. But I was fine and managed to control it really well. The next morning I was fine and was again laughing and chatting about the night we just had. However... A few hours later I had this really strange feeling that I couldn't control.. I felt weak, and weird cold spouts in my hands. The room seemed really weird, and I couldn't concentrate of eat. And I tried to talk I had to be really carful not
To slur my words. Agitated and scatty would be the best word to describe it. But after that I've became so paranoid about talking drugs and what it could do to you, and the fact of risking your life?! Which is really dramatic but I can't help but think that... I was talking about taking it again.. But the thought out it made me panic and loose breath.. But again I managed to control it. I feel like I suffer from slight anxiety now.. Which is horrible for me and I'm a naturally fit and healthy person. I abused drugs.. I wouldn't like to do it like that again or take a pill.. However I'm going to a festival in February.. I would like to do drugs there.. Just the once with my friends and all have a good time.. But I feel that, that experience has changed my poseption  of drugs forever... Which I don't won't as I'm only young.. Baring in my mind I only took drugs for the past month in my whole life.. Will I get over this anxiety feeling and be able to be normal again with my friends and only try it and festivals and be events.. Or will this feeling stay in mind forever? Please help x


6 Nov 2014

I think this is your wake up call Hunni...your body obviously was trying to tell you only takes one time to experience such a negative unhealthy effect...go to the festival, and enjoy the time without any safe Hunni x

Icarus Trust
17 Nov 2014

Hi Danni,
Would you like to talk to someone completely confidentially about  your anxiety and mixed feelings about drugs, who may be able to help you? Sometimes its easier to share your problems with someone you don't know.
I work for a charity called The Icarus Trust. We have experienced trained volunteers, called Family Friends, who  talk to people in similar situations to yourself. A Family Friend may be able to help you with the anxiety you are feeling.
Please contact Icarus Trust on or visit our website
I really hope that this will help you.

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