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I am so sick of weed!!

Posted by KAnon on 4 August 2015.

I have probably spent about 3 grand on weed the past few years yet I have never touched the horrible stuff myself!

From the second I met my partner when I was 14, I knew he was the one for me, we didn't get together until we left school and we went our separate ways, all of his friends smoker cannabis and I was a bit naive to think it's just how they have fun he'll grow out of it. 

I've been with my partner for 5 years now and it's gotten to the point we argue about cannabis every single day I hate it and his addiction is so bad. It has gotten to the point I actually want him to smoke it because with out it he is horrible! He's rude and aggressive he says such nasty things and just flies off the handle for no reason to the point he's screaming at me. He borrows money he never pays back and I must look like I'm being walked over but sometimes he gets so upset and says he wants to quit and he hates who he is and he wishes he didn't do it. Yet when I try and help him and find places that can help he flips out and says he can't do it!

I know I should leave him until he gets his head sorted but I'm scared of what he will do to himself. I try and be strong and not give him the money but he goes so unhappy or angry and I can't cope with it. 

Cannabis is absolutely ruining my life and I resent it so much. If I leave him I think he will only get worse and end up hurting himself.

I don't know what to do.


6 Sep 2015

I understand exactly how you feel. I've been with my partner almost 7 years and he has smoked weed since i met him.
A few years into our relationship he started to deteriorate and i believe the weed caused him to develop a mental illness as well, his anger controls him, at time he is not in touch with reality and he says awful nasty things with no limit.
Over the years he has also taken money for weed but never given it back and convinces himself that he has reason to not have to. He is aggressive, unpredictable and arational.
In his eyes he is never wrong and everyone around him winds him up. He smokes from 7am before work, after work and non stop all night and weekend.
He wants to sit in the house all night and day as the more he smokes the more he doesn't want to go out & finds it hard to be sociable he just watches TV 24/7.
He slowed down the smoking for about 3 months and he was a complete different person, wanted to be outside all the time, was smiling, happy and enjoying life but then he slipped back and now he is even worse.
I thin cannabis is a much bigger problem than people realise as i know many people  with all the same issues.
I fully believe my partner has a mental illness now and i want to find help to get it sorted as i can no longer watch him deteriorate.

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