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It Happened Again

Posted by I Am. on 27 October 2015.

My mother got drunk again. It happened last night. She had two of her friends over and she got drunk. Then, when I let the dog out of my room, he escaped and ran down the street. I only noticed a few minutes later. I ran downstairs, calling for my mother but I couldn't find her so I got dressed and went outside. I'm only fourteen and it was nearly eleven o'clock. I found my mother outside, wearing only a shirt and jeans (it was very cold) saying goodbye to her friend. The dog ran back to us, and my mother caught him bye the scruff of his neck at the same time as me. I told her to let go so I could take him inside but she wouldn't let go, so I had to go inside without the dog while she stayed to say goodbye to her friend. I went back inside and found that the fireplace was lit, with a nearly-full bottle of wine right next to it, and with two empty ones lying near it as well. The reason the dog had escaped was because the back door was wide open. My mother and I got into an argument after that. I threw her phone onto her bed, which she was lying on, and it bounced down the side of it. She must have fetched her phone, and as she threw it at me, she screamed 'fuck off'. And today she keeps insisting that it wasn't an act of violence. Tell me what you think about that


30 Oct 2015

I think you should talk to someone about your worries. Perhaps your head of year at school?

2 Nov 2015

Adfam are very sorry to hear about your difficulties. Although we are not able to give advice on your situation, we would recommend you try contacting a helpline that can. You could try Alateen (0207 593 2070), Children of Addicted Parents (0750 860 4023) or Samaritans (116 123).   We hope this has been useful and if you need any further information do not hesitate to email

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