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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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Mental Health Nurse

Posted by Swifty on 2 October 2014.

I have been a Mental Health Nurse , for over 25 years, so know the best thing to do when one is confronted with an addict, is to cross the road, but why is it so hard when it is a relative or close friend and why does common sense go out of the window. My youngest son, was an amazing boy, clever, handsome, intelligent and popular, but more important kind and caring, I was a permissive, understanding Mother, who spoke to my children about every subject imaginable form a very young age, my oldest son was always very non judgemental of others, but my youngest, ambitious and driven, never had any time for addicts of any kind. My sons have never seen drugs used in our home, or by any family members. My youngest son, now aged 27, has a problem with Crystal Meth, I believe at one stage, he was using £500 a week of this disgusting, filthy drug, he was being enabled, by his drug dealer boyfriend, I dont blame the boyfriend, for his addiction, he has chosen this life, as a result of this drug, he now has Hepatitis B and is HIV positive, because lets face it, when you are off your head, you dont think about safe sex. What hurts me more than anything is his arrogance and how he has become cruel, controlling and so ignorant and thoughtless, I know this is the drugs and not the real him, but he was such a gentle, well mannered, thoughtful individual, up to about five years ago. I feel so angry, mainly because I see children who have been dragged up and been given nothing, who have grown into lovely, stable adults and a young man, who has always had support acts in this way. I have enabled people before, always been a soft touch and have spent thousands on my kids education, no more. Pleased to meet you all, I will light a candle for all of you x


3 Oct 2014

I think we all have the same questions -"Why do they continue to chose this life when they have such wonderful blessings? What did I do wrong?". I am learning to accept there are no answers to those questions and I would drive myself mad trying to figure it out. God bless you. I hope you and your son find peace one day like I hope for me and my exhusband x

3 Oct 2014

Thankyou so much for your lovely reply. Wishing you and your ex husband, all the best x

3 Oct 2014

Addiction touches all lives regardless of how we are bought up.....I hate it, hate seeing my son try and fight it heart breaks every time he has made a bad decision, I see how hard it is......I know it was nothing I did ...and I have learned a valuable lesson through all this..ALL addicts deserve our sympathy, because it's like hell on earth from them, for those that love them.....for whatever reason they turned to drugs, I won't judge won't be judging the doctor, the judge, the neighbour, the guy in the squat, the policeman, the teacher, your son, husband or my son.......I continue to educate myself about this terrible disease, and pray my son can overcome this vile illness .......sending hugs to all xxxxx

4 Oct 2014

I know what you are saying, the sad thing is most people dont understand and sadly do judge what they are not informed about...I have suggested this to so many people, but they dont want to know what doesnt concern them, part of being human. My best to you and your son x

7 Oct 2014

Hi Swifty,

It is hard, and there are ways of trying to deal with it, to help yourself and other members of your family.  The Icarus Trust help you and try to find your suitable support as well.  Their website is, of you can contact them directly on

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