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My alcoholic mother

Posted by Natty on 13 August 2014.

This is my first time talking about this on this kind of thing . The story is about 6 years ago my father committed suicide . It left my mum me 18 at the time and my younger sister 17 in a state of shock . My mum took to drink and will not accept help . She has moved away from me and cut off contact . I recently had a miscarriage at 19 weeks and tried to carry on getting in contact left messages etc but nothing . That was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do and had no support from her. I'm so angry and upset ! Just want her to explain herself or do something but she just wants to ignore me . I don't understand .


9 Oct 2014

Iv been in the same situation but different circumstances. I know its hard but ur mum has to realise she can't rely on alcohol my mums been a alcoholic since i was a baby and although we don't live together we still keep in contact, and now after being her carer for years shes pulling herself together slowly. Best thing for u is to just tell her ul be there for her and in time she will come round. In the meantime although its hard just concentrate on ur life. Shes maybe isolating herself in a way to protect u from seeing her upset and drinking, one day she will have a wake up call and it will be horrible for her. Its good uv expressed ur feelings best thing is to be honest to a alcoholic. i hope this is some help to u feel free to email me if u ever want to talk i can totally empathise what ur feeling and going through 
my email is x

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