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my dad is a drug addict what can i do

Posted by hanna on 26 February 2015.

my name is hanna and my dad has a realy bad drug problem it all started when i was younger about 8/9 i realised my dad took drugs i was brought up in a lovley family home with both parents and my brothers and sisters i am now 18 and dont live at home i left when i was 15 becuse my dads drug problem got realy bad and i couldnt deal with it as when he didnt get his fix he would lash out and i would take the cop for it to protect my brothers and sisters who still live at home and i want to get my dad help because its not fair on them they need a dad he was never there for me when i was younger i just want them to have something different he has now got to the point were he is not working and going out at night to steal to feed his habit i have confronted him numerous times and he deny he has a problem i have now got to the point were i want to lock him up and throw away  the key he has gone to far and is deteriorating  slowly i wanted to post this as i do need some support off someone who knows what i am going through and a bit of advice my mum has tried all she can for him and will not throw him out as they have kids together and wants them to still have there dad around but my mum has given up becuse there is no more she can do theire marrige is now over and i think it has made him worse please can someone just give me some advice ive been online and looked at rehabilitation centers and there all just so expensive is there any alternitives


Icarus Trust
1 Mar 2015

This is really hard for you but there are people who can help. I work for a charity called The Icarus Trust. We try to support people like yourself who are dealing with addiction in their family because we know how difficult that is. We offer a free service and if you contact us we would put you in touch with one of our trained volunteers called 'Family Friends'. These have lots of experience of talking with people like yourself, would understand what you are going through and, hopefully, help you to see a way ahead and what other help might be available to you and your family.
You can contact us on or visit the website
I really hope that you are able to get some help for yourself and your dad. Good luck!

10 Mar 2015

Hey hanna, sorry it's taken me a while to truly are a brave girl...have you thought about getting support for yourself and mum? Even your other siblings? There are many groups out there who don't ask questions, but are there to listen, help you through things etc.....hope this helps ...hugs xxx

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