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My daughter's boyfriend is an addict

Posted by lee on 14 July 2014.

She met him 33 days before leaving for Thailand to teach ESL. He's the one she told her father and I.  He tried talking her out of going to Thailand.  We found out about the addiction right away.   
She said he's clean not her problem.  I knew right away he was not clean.
He has only spent 16 days in a drug rehabilitation facility.  He said he was s role model.
He's 26 college graduate ~ no job. My daughter is 23~college graduate in Thailand until September.
He is grooming her. It's like he's
manipulating her and prompt ting her with what she tells us
We had him over for dinner and when he left I happened to notice that a very special piece of my daughter's jewelry is missing.
We as a family are frightened and have less then a month until she returns to him.
I need to know what to say when we Skype ~ it's killing me.


15 Jul 2014

Be there or your daughter, and trust her.....Show her the love of your family, but tell her about the ring going missing..and check it is missing and not misplaced........She is an adult and deserves the truth....however it has to be her decision to come to the conclusions about this guy....Its hard when our kids grow up and perhaps make the wrong parents we have to be there,yet they have to lead their lives themselves....hugs x

30 Jul 2014

Its really difficult but I have always said that if my daughter was in my position I would tell her to run a mile, after all my heartache I would never want her to feel the way I do down trodden and trapped by love corney I know but true. I am only in my early 30's and feel more like 90 thats how bad it is and by the sounds of things hes already digging his claws in. Drug addiction takes over every part of a relationship and the real victim will be your daughter for putting up with it. Tell her to run and don't look back.

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