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My daughter the alcoholic

Posted by Illy on 14 January 2018.

My beautiful daughter is 20yrs old and an alcoholic, she has finally admitted it. I'm scared to death for her, she lives alone and drinks 2litres of vodka and a bottle of wine per night. She can't function without it, getting up at 2am shaking and vomitinng, blurred vision and sweats until she drinks enough to stop the withdrawals, then a few hrs later she has to do it again. She has told me she feels like she is dying that she feels so I'll, her stomach is bloated, she has memory loss and if it wasn't for her family and what it would do to me she would choose death every time. I live 4hrs drive from her but myself and husband want her to stay with s while she tries to cut down or goes onto medication but she has to find money to pay her rent while she is here, I have bipolar so don't work and therefore can't even help her out. She is my beautiful little girl and best friend and I'm terrified for her, I can't help feeling that it's come all to late and I will lose her. I don't know where to go for help or the right things to say to her to keep her strong and positive or just how the hell to keep her alive. Can anybody please help me, I'd be so grateful. Thank you.


20 Feb 2018

I'm afraid  I dont have the answers but I think admitting it is a start. Can she not give up the flat? Is her life not more important than a flat? That level of addiction, I would imagine would need medical help to deal with. I'm sorry for your troubles and I hope you all find the answers you are looking for.

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