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My grandchildren

Posted by Kyle on 15 August 2015.

Hi im in a bit of a sticky situation, my son and partner have been smoking herion off and on for last 12years, we have had the grandchildren for 3 weeks 2months ago.when social workers got involved trough the police, because my son was hitting his partner.We hoped that they would come clean with the drugs and tell social everything which they didnt. I got upset the other day with her as she could bearly stand up ive been on the sick from work and had to see a phycolagist and i told her how i had been feeling over last two weeks.I mentioned herion and all hell has broke loose we now have boys again and social worker coming on monday have i done the right thing because my son has said that. I phoned them myself which i didnt its been hell for years and feel like its just one circle and no end to his drugs abuse to me and my wife , he has hit me a couple of times i feel that when it all comes out my wife wont have anything to do with me.


17 Aug 2015

Hi sorry to hear your story.
I just wanted to say you have done the right thing for your grandchildren and that's all that matters. You have saved them and should be proud of that. Hopefully  your son will see and get the help he needs.

24 Aug 2015

Well done
You have to be cruel to be lkind and the children and your safety and wellbeing comes first every time x

28 Aug 2015

Kyle, you are wonderful...your grandkids deserve to be safe,and what your son n partner do isn't safe..their behaviour impacts on the kids....if they want to do drugs let them, but keeping kids in that environment is scary! Hugs to you wonderful man xxxx

4 Sep 2015

Thank you for all your kind comments .

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