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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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my husband a drug addict

Posted by emziemelv on 23 November 2014.

hi im new here but really just want to be able to talk to someone who maybe in the same boat as me. my husband has been a heroin addict for 20years, i got with him 10years ago, he was clean and seemed to do well, he has had a few relapses but his worst was 2years ago, and it is still going on. i love him so much but i have to concentrate on my 3 young girls. im not sure i can cope with this any longer, i really want to just throw him out and never see him again but im worried he will get worse and go back to jail.i am becoming a paranoid wreck,i have soo much anger towards him and i cant let it build up inside me anymore.
 i have to hide my purse and belongings, i darent take him to friends houses incase theres money lying around. 
should i finally think of myself and be free of all this  worry and stress or should i stand by him and try and help him become clean again.


Icarus Trust
24 Nov 2014

Feel very sorry that you are having to face such hard choices.
You are not on your own in feeling like you do and It sounds like you could do with talking to others who have been there too. The Icarus Trust is a charity who support families who have to live and deal with addiction. We offer a range of free services which could include putting you in touch with a trained volunteer called a Family Friend who would talk to you in confidence and try to help. These Family Friends have all experienced dealing with addiction in their own families so would understand what you are facing. You might find talking things through with someone who has been there and knows what support is available, helps you.
Please contact Icarus Trust on or visit our website
I really hope that this helps.Good luck!

24 Nov 2014

thank you icarus trust, yes  feel like i need some help even if it is just talking to someone who will understand what im going through. i will visit and have a chat.

Icarus Trust
24 Nov 2014

So glad to hear that. Am sure its a good idea to give it a go. Really hope it helps.

6 Dec 2014

Hi, I wish I could talk to you, I'm in the exact same situation and I don't know what to do, have been with him for 16 yrs and I have just had my second child 1 month ago, I can't cope with the lies and constant stress, but I just keep hanging on in the hope that he will be ok again, he's the love of my life but has been a monster for the last 3 years. Feel broken and so week. They can only help themselves and there is nothing we can do, however if you feel like I do then you probably try to control the situation the best you can, and all that does is place un-imaginable stress on us. I wish I had the strength to put my needs first, but I don't think I do

11 Dec 2014

Hi yes i do feel exactly the same! All i seem to hear from my husband is this is the last time, i will never go out again. N i always give him that extra time to prove himself and it never endsi have got to the point now were ive told him he's got over Xmas to prove himself or he's gone!! I really don't want him on the streets at xmas. But yes i think its time i put my needs first too, he is the love of my life but i am miserable. Having people to talk to on here that are going through the same thing does help a bit.

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