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my sister is pregnant and doing downers....

Posted by Marley on 17 December 2014.

Ok my sister is 21years old and about 4 months pregnant. Me and her used to be very close but her boyfriend kinds ruined that... but know she lives out at her boyfriend's house which is his parents house. Which their 21 year old daughter with 2 kids lives there,that is an alcoholic, and now there thirty something daughter has moved back in who shoots up herion.... they don't have to pay or do anything out there. So I just found out that she was using again but she is pregnant and I now that the situation she is in is not helping her. I don't know what to do... I just want to go and take her out of there!!! Because I know if I don't try to do anything I would never forgive myself... so I guess I am asking what should I do?


Icarus Trust
18 Dec 2014

Hi Marley,
This is really difficult for you and It sounds like you could do with someone to talk through how you are feeling and how to  find a way forward for you to help your sister.
The Icarus Trust is a charity who supports people in situations like yourself. We have trained volunteers called family Friends who you would be able to talk to and may be able to help you. They would also be able to put you in touch with any other support you may want.
This is a free service and I hope that you would find it useful.
Good luck.

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