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My son

Posted by joanna46 on 11 May 2017.

I am at a loss, I dont even know what my son 'uses'... he is almost 20, the brightest happiest boy ever....and then weed....which increased in strength and use, probably I see now from about 16 yrs old....the last 2 years going AWOL 5 times, returning filthy and starving and helping and taking him home....he gets a job and then payday comes... he disappears... reappearing having spent the LOT....looking wasted.....not turning up for work and getting the sack.... this last time I opened my eyes and feel it cannot be just weed...his close mates have all left him, he was sacked from a great job where they loved him and he left home with a rucksack....that was 2 weeks ago, I know he is homeless now...penniless, jobless, friendless...still lying....he has all the numbers to get help but denies any problem.....and I just had the 4am visit from the police...not to tell me he is dead or arrested but that his motorcycle has been found abandoned in a remote spot....I thought I was going to die of shock when i saw them on the doorstep...what is worse, them knocking or him begging to come home? I cant have him here, I work full time in a profession and I am exhausted....sadly, my 'mum' genes will not switch off so i am in constant turmoil. I see now reading all your blogs etc that this will probably not end well and that a long road is ahead.....Im not sure why I feel it so important to know what he takes...part of accepting it I suppose....I admit now that 'a  bit of weed' felt manageable...this doesnt... x


19 May 2017

My son is still at home but it has been awful luckily still has a job but we couldn't understand where all his money had gone ,he took out loans and a credit card that he went over the limit straight away , I also would like for him to go for help got all the info but has had it thrown back in my face . A bit of weed might feel manageable but nearly always leads to something worse. But like you said we as mothers can't just switch off ....x

Icarus Trust
6 Jun 2017

Hi Joanna
Your story is heart breaking but thank you for sharing. I wonder whether it would help if you got in touch with The Icarus Trust. We are a charity that provides support for people like yourself who are having to cope with the affect of a loved one's addiction. Our 'Family Friends' are very experienced trained volunteers and it might help support you to have a talk with one of them.
You can contact us on or visit the website
Good luck.
You can contact us on or visit the website

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