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please help my son's taking cocaine

Posted by cadge on 26 June 2014.

Can anyone help me, l have just found out my son is taking cocaine at weekends, l am so worried and upset, l have talked to him, he told me its nothing to worry about and he's not addict, he is 22 and left home l never dreamed one of my children would do drugs, l dont no what to do lm out of my mind with worry l can't sleep at night thinking about it, l feel like l just want to grab him bring him home and protect him, l have read stuff about cocaine on the Internet and l have to say its made me worry more, please help what should l do? All l want to do is cry cause lm so worried about my boy.


27 Jun 2014

It is like an epedemic, and no matter how we raise our children, the temptation is there...My guess is he and his mates do it together...The problem is that they never get that initial high they got when they first took end up taking more and more to try and emulate that feeling....and this puts a real strain on their health. I think you have to be brutally honest with your son and try and sit down with him. My son has been doing drugs for 4 years..he has lied, stolen and got into trouble with the police...and it all started with Weed....He has done cocaine, his last choice of use was Mcat, and that on top of alcohol is a recipe for a down hill spiral....The biggest lesson I have learned through this awful journey is to NOT ENABLE them..that means no helping out with rent, money for petrol, bailing them out of loans they may have......its heart breaking. All the signs were there, but initially I chose to ignore them, cause like you I never thought he would touch drugs....Be strong hunni, there are plenty of parents on here with very valuable advice, or just to listen and support.....Never give up on your child, but with the same token, dont enable them to continue their life style.....hugs hunni xxx

27 Jun 2014

The Icarus Trust is a free non-profit signposting agency, which confidentially and anonymously put families in touch with the right help. Family Friends, who have some general knowledge and experience of this kind of issue, can talk things through with you by email or telephone, point you in the right direction, and still be there if you want to come back for more. the FF is there to LISTEN, REASSURE and SIGNPOST. if you want to talk to a FF you must register with them,

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