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Sinking further into the world of Alcoholism

Posted by MonicaJ on 12 February 2015.

She is beautiful, she is intelligent and my best friend. But she is also broken, she is hurting and she is falling in alcoholism, drug abuse and self harm. Alcohol has become her way with dealing with the madness that seems to be going on in her mind. It's not a joke, but she still laughs. It's not funny when I'm the one picking up the pieces every single time. I will always be there for her not matter what and she knows that, hell, I've even had to pull her out of the bath naked, drugged up and bleeding from her wrist. But apparently that's where I'm going wrong, people are telling me it isn't my responsibility to always be there picking up all her broken shatters. So I really don't know what to do any more. I've hit rock bottom trying to find out, but she is still sinking. She has so much potential to live a happy, wonderful life, but she can't see the brightness. All that is there is darkness, how can I make her shine again the way she used to, how can I get the sparkle back? I need my best friend to be okay, but I feel like I am failing.


12 Feb 2015

Oh Hunni. The terrible thing is you can't save can support her, but until she asks for the help the madness just goes on and on...she is very lucky that you have been there...please think about your own well being, because those who live around addicts can become depressed, stressed etc....can her family help? Take care Hunni x

Icarus Trust
12 Feb 2015

She is indeed very lucky to have had your support but Cant Take No More is right that it is important that you are supported too. At The Icarus Trust we provide trained volunteers called 'Family Friends' who have lots of experience of supporting people like you who are having to deal with the addiction of a loved one.  We are a charity and offer this as a free service. Maybe you  would find it helpful and supportive to be able to talk with one of these.
You can contact us on or visit the website
Good luck!

13 Feb 2015

Thank you both for your help and kind words. It has become very stressful and depressing for me to watch this landslide. I'm only 18 and we live away from our parents, hers are still in the same town and I have spoken to her mum. I think I might look in to the Icarus Trust, thank you so much!

Icarus Trust
21 Feb 2015

Really glad to hear that. I hope it helps you.

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