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so tried, so scared need this to end

Posted by nitty on 23 August 2014.

I'm sitting on the couch watching the telly scared listening to every noise is that him coming down the stairs my heart is racing feeling so lonely plotting how to stop this how do I get away, every time he starts drinking and the coke my heart sinks I know what's coming I seriously can't take anymore, If u knew and saw me I'm a kind gentle genuine person doesn't smoke drinks or take drugs I have a job an a lovely home but has a dick head horrible boyfriend, I feel so stupid letting a man manipulate me use me and hurt me this way and why have I let it go on so long I feel so tried sad and want it all to stop so I can be happy not live a life of he'll and be unhappy


23 Aug 2014

hi nitty.

you cannot live your life like this you deserve to be happy with someone who loves u not drugs or drink more. you cannot live in fear like this, only u.can decide if its over n if it is u need to start taking action get intouch with the police or even go to your gp they can send u in the right direction with groups etc. be strong and start living xx

23 Aug 2014

You are worth so much claim your home , and take the first son scared me and as a mother that was not what I expected would ever one should let another person make them feel fearful, ...time to help yourself Hunni xxxx

24 Aug 2014

I know what it's like to sit in dread and fear just waiting until it all kicks off ..the stomach churning the shaking the fear . It wasn't until my family support worker pointed out to me that I was a victim of domestic abuse that even realised what was happening to me .. That's when I decided no more .  You need to start putting yourself first . Be kind to yourself you deserve so much more xxx

Hope heart
5 Sep 2014

Hi Nitty
I hope you are ok? Please talk to someone you trust, a friend or relative, turn up at a Al-anon meeting you can find them online, anything, but don't do this alone you need support and help, the domestic abuse site can help you make some hard decisions and will go at your pace. Please try to keep yourself safe, you are worthy of a happy life. X

Want My Husband Back
23 Sep 2014

Hi Nitty,

You know what to do, what are you waiting for?  If you are living in fear it's time to go.  You have a job and you have your strength.  God give you guidance and courage.  You have become your boyfriends crutch and blame for his drug problem.  Things will not get better for you until he gets himself help.

4 Nov 2014

I've finally did it and won't take him back and I'm so happy I found the strength thank u xcc

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