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stupid stupid stupid

Posted by nitty on 20 August 2014.

How could I be so stupid I took him back after a massive row over what he does and how it makes me feel cause he promised to stop, 8 days later he is back on it, back to his horrible self paranoid about everything making me feel shitty and down I hate myself for believing him I feel sick why did I do this


20 Aug 2014

Because you probably love him and thats the shitty bit. What drug is it he takes not that its relevant. The heart it a tough one to conquer and unfortunately it makes it worse when the person you love is an addict. I know its hard but try not to let him get to you addicts
are manipulative and will call you every name under sun to get what they want they grind you down. Be strong I wish you the best. X

21 Aug 2014

He is a cocaine and alcohol addict he is only 32 makes me sick he is so manipulative I have to deal with him being paranoid nasty slip personality, he has made me lose myself as a person I hate him for what he has done and more so myself for letting him

21 Aug 2014

Thing with addicts is they grind you down slowly so before you know it you have lost yourself in their addition. If you hate him can you not just leave him what is it thats holding you back from leaving? Are you scared to be alone or is it because you have dedicated so many years to him? Just curious what makes you take him back each time. Xx

22 Aug 2014

Oh this sounds horrific!  For a situation like this, you may need support of another form?  I work for a charity called The Icarus Trust.  We provide support and help you find help in your area to fit your individual situation.  (There is no charge, we want to help you).  You can register on the website at or email us at

We wish you the best of luck, and hope you find the help you need.

23 Aug 2014

It's a bit of both I'm scared to be alone and scared of him, I took him back cause he was so convincing and I'm such a kind caring person I just believed him I see the good in people it always gets me into trouble,  I do feel lost I don't drink smoke gamble or take drugs but I live this nightmare day in day out

23 Aug 2014

Thank u I will check the sight out xx

25 Aug 2014

Nitty its time for action you cannot live like that its not a relationship if you are scared of him or what hes going to do probably being alone will be better then living in fear all the time I would never encourage anyone to end their relationship only you can decide that but you need to think about yourself and start living without being scared. Good luck x

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