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To...sad and tired, frantic mum and fifi 65

Posted by CANT TAKE NO MORE on 1 June 2015.

Hey ladies...just checking in to see how things are?ive been thinking of you all and hoping life is a little easier. Would love to hear from you all ...hugs xxxx susie xxx


11 Jun 2015

Hi Susie, good to see your post, I still think about you n Fiona every day, I hope things are a little easier for you, 
I came on here tonight as things are really bad at the moment and need to offload where I know I wont be judged 
Where to begin? When I last wrote on here I had just recieved the news I knew was going to come my son had been rushed into hospital after collapsing, he was in ICU fighting for his life, it turned out that he had a really bad infection in his groin from injecting so often into the same area and this infection had gone through his bloodstream and caused an abcesss in one of his heart valves also some of the infection had gone to his brain, he was treated with iv antibiotics for 6 weeks then the scan showed that the abcess was still there he also had a stroke affecting his speech and mobility,it was decided that he would be transferred to the major cardiac hospital and a week ago had open heart surgery to replace the valve, this last week has seemed like a year, in the 8 hour operation he had to be revived 4 times and then in intensive care his heart stopped again, I truly thought he would not pull through, his body although he is only 35 is like a 70 year old, yesterday he was finally moved from icu into high dependency unit, the really sad thing about all this is his life is truly changed he will need specialist nursing for a long time if not forever, I feel like the drugs have won they have took my son ...
I feel so so angry at the world in which we live and dont know how to get through this, Im sure I will in time but im so tired I feel like im drowning and havent the energy to swim anymore. I lay in bed not sleeping and wonder what next will be thrown at me, 
I know where my son is but its no comfort, im sorry if ive rambled but its so good just to let my thoughts flow, I will check in again soon to see how everyone is doing
I'll say night and god bless to all and will pray for everyone out there suffering the shockwaves of addiction 
And special cyber hugs to Susie and Fiona
Sue Xx

17 Jun 2015

Hi Sue,sorry I haven't replied earlier, been away..oh lord, the tears I have whilst reading what you have been through...your poor son has been through so much..sending love and hugs, and I hope you all get through this. Sue, you are a remarkable mother, and I truly hope that your son makes a recovery and can start his life fresh....will check in but know my prayers will be for your family...sending much love xxxxxxx

17 Jun 2015

Sue , just re read your post...please please please see your doctor and get some have been through so much...we all need help at times...if your on facebook let me know and we can converse....and you can offload any son is still in recovery...hard but he's getting there slowly...hugs my love xxxx

Icarus Trust
22 Jun 2015

So sad to hear the awful time you and your son are having. Don't forget The Icarus Trust is here if you would like some support for yourself. We have experienced trained volunteers who you could speak with if you think that would help.
You can contact us on or visit the website

21 Aug 2015

Oh Sue, I am so sorry to hear this, it's heart breaking what you and your family have been through. I sincerely hope your son get's stronger every day and please god a second chance, please look  after your self too, in my thoughts always love Fiona xxx thoughts are with you and your boy as well Susie much love xxx

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