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Total loss

Posted by Elliemay on 10 August 2014.

Hi my son is 15 ( 16 next month). Since he was 13 he has smoked cannibis. At first we weren't aware but then money went missing and life deteriorated into a constant stressful existance. He was diagnosed adhd when younger but didn't respond to medication. He has been expelled from one school for dealing on the premises, and is currently attending a short stay school on medical grounds ( depression ). 
He is a very bright boy and a gifted musician and as his mum I know is a kind gently person beneath it all. 

So far we have had childrens services involved, the police and an array of drug councillors. He has only got worse and it is like watching a train crash! He steals from us ( my husband is alot older - 64 and suffers from depression also ) , is verbally abusive and breaks things when he does not get his own way. I have thought of taking a month off work and taking him somewhere very remote and trapping him there with me so he is forced to go clean ! I have no idea if it would work or whether I would survive it myself or where to go or how to pursuade him to come!! 
I suffer from fybromyalgia ( muscle pain and weakness) and some days feel totally unable to cope. I medicate and keep going but am nearly at the end of my tether now. He is an only son and no we dont have a family support nearby ( except a step son who does not want to get involved in any way as he has no time for my sons behaviour and drug use)


11 Aug 2014

I absolutely feel for you.  My son is now 17 and started cannabis at 13.  We have had the whole gambit of drugs since and he now cannot live with me anymore because he is a risk to me and his sisters who are only 11.  He has stolen from me, been arrested, stabbed and taken overdoses.  We have had all the services involved and things have just gotten worse.  Worse still is that I am a professional with adolescent services and work within the team who have been trying to support my son.  It is a nightmare.

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