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What are these symptoms of..when will he wake up and smell the coffee?

Posted by little Al on 5 July 2015.

Hi everyone; I hope you are enjoying the sun shine. .I'm very worried about my partner. 
He is a long term heroin user of 20 years on and off. His latest relapse has lasted for the past 5 years..He is on the methadone programme also. He works as a binman and because he has more money now his heroin use has doubled. He has been experiencing some electric shock feelings down his arms and legs and also the feeling that he could fit, he also has migrains. ..I'm so worried, he has a doctor's appointment in two weeks. .he thinks it's a sign of a stroke but is continuing to use. .and I don't understand why he is. To look at my partner you wouldn't know he was a heroin user as he is well tanned, weighs 14 stone and is tidy looking which is why I think he is able to convince himself he's not that bad.His dealer had even told him to cut down and tells me his habit had doubled in the last few months. .The dealer was 11 years old when he started dealing as it's a family run operation. .His dad and now the sons are carrying it on..In august they are all due in court so I hope they receive a lengthy prison sentence. .sorry to ramble but I'm so worried and this blog had given me the opportunity to vent my frustrations x


little Al
8 Jul 2015

Sorry to say on here but is anyone having problems viewing  other users comments. .my email says people are comenting on my blogs. .but I can't view the comments 😕

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