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What next?

Posted by Aimiee on 1 February 2016.

Hi, I would really like some advice if anyone has any? 
My mum is an alcoholic, she has been for 2-3 years now. 
It peeked last Christmas, and a few months later ended up in hospital with serve confusion and liver damage. She had poisoned her brain as her liver wasnt functioning properly. She was in hospital for about a month, and came out 'sober'. She then stayed sober for nearly 6months, with the help of her new partner, until about a month back.
Where she got more independence with walking etc, she was trusted to go into shops on her own. (She has MS too, so the abuse she put on her body, took her a long time to recover with walking and everyday tasks)
She now is at the point where she is drinking ALOT of wine, she is violent to her partner, wont talk to me/or my brother, or on the occasion she will, wont admit to the drinking even though the empty 'bags' of wine are next to her, and just shouts f'ing and blinding at us for even approaching the subject. 
She is also threating suicide.
We have no idea where to go from here, she wont admit it, so she wont/cant get help until she wants it. She wont go to the GP, and 'doesnt care what happens to her'. 
Cant we section, is that the way to go? 
We would really like some advice on our options, or just a reassurance from anyone who has been though the same as us? 
Sorry for the long story :(


Icarus Trust
3 Feb 2016

It sounds like you could do with someone to talk with who would understand what you are having to deal with - the affects of your mum's drinking. At The Icarus Trust we offer free support from our experienced trained volunteers called family Friends.
We are a charity set up to help the family and friends of addicts like yourself.  Getting in touch might give you reassurance and point you to other help that might be available.
You can contact us on or visit the website
Good luck with everything.

29 Jan 2017

Hello Aimiee... this sounds just like my mum!!! I can totally relate.. what are we meant to do when they don't car about themselves and wont get help!?... I keep telling my dad to get my mum sectioned, I don't know whether this can be done... maybe we can make it sound worse than it is to make them take her?! this is how I feel!!!.. I do actually believe my mum has some sort of personality disorder or some mental disorder as she sometimes repeats things over and over when shes drunk eg 'please god, please god please please'.. and rocks back and forth! don't know if anyone can relate to this?

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