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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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Wishing for a family bond.

Posted by G.O.S on 12 February 2015.

I have known my mom to be a drug addict for years she has 3 kids all together my oldest sister Tasha , my second oldest Tameka, I'n then there's me the baby, both of my oldest sisters are in their mid 30's almost 40's and I'm 20 years old . I'm unsure of the type of relationship my sisters had with my mom or how they felt when she did drugs , I don't know what they had to go through I just know none of us where really raised by mom. My oldest sister grew up in Dominican republica with her grandma who pretty much raised her I believe, I'm not really sure who watched over my sisters tameka maybe my mom was in and out of her life, but when it came to me I was raised by my sister tameka and my grandma untill I was about 7 years old I guess they couldn't take care of me anymore so I ended up moving to durham with my sister Tasha in her husband by this time my sister tasha is already in her career in has a house of her home so she is doing great. But growing up I have always felt that even though I my sisters has raised me I never really had a close bond that I have always wanted with my sister, I wanted to have a close sisterly bond the one like your sister is your bestfriend you can talk to her about any and everything, you can cry on her shoulders in things of that nature. I know that my sister love me in took care of me but I have always felt that none of us has had that in I finally gotten the courage to tell my oldest sister Tasha that. I personally thinks that my sister still has not forgiven my mom for doing drugs in not being able to take care of her because of how I see them interact with each other my mom speaks of my oldest sister with love in has nothing bad to say about her, but my oldest sister Tasha always refer to our mother as your mother in never my mom or her mom almost like our mother didn't birth her in I have always wondered why. So I asked why And I have told her how I felt in it seems to me when she was younger she has tried to build a relationship with our mom but things didn't work out the way she had planned so she has completely given up. My sister tameka talks to my mom in my mom helps out when she needs money . When I was younger my mom didn't do much because she was still a drug addict but now that I'm in college she actually helps out more in I receive money from her every month , we also communicate more then any of my sisters communicate with her. I would like to build a stronger bond with both of my sisters and my mom for all of us but my oldest sister has already closed that chapter of her life, I'm having such a hard time accepting that because that's not what I want for all of us together.


12 Feb 2015

I'm having a hard time accepting that and I hate how my oldest sister always refers to my mom as a crazy person

14 Feb 2015

Hey Hunni....your sister talks like that, because that is her personal feelings on your must have been hard for all 3 of you, and I'm pretty sure your mom feels a sadness at letting you all down. Our relationships with our parents differ from sibling to's up to your sister to sort their relstionship out with your mum, and you should try and respect her's great mum is helping out and you have found some peace with her.....perhaps give  her time hun xxxxx

16 Feb 2015

Thanks for your advice .

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