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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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Yong Love

Posted by Harrietemily on 11 April 2016.

I met a boy 4 years ago, I was 17 and he was 16. We were at a party and he had taken several pills and was off his face, I was oblivious to all this as I had no knowledge of drugs whatsoever and this was not a usual circle I mixed in so it was all unfamiliar, however we met and despite our differences I asked him to put his number in my phone he put a prison address and told me to write to him, he didn't have a phone and he would write back. So that's how the story started, 4 years on and him being homeless for three years, living off me, with me then falling out with me all because of a pretty horrendous start in life and drugs.  He is now addicted to Black Mamba, he smokes 5g a day and has to take more prescription drugs to get to sleep more than anyone I have ever known. I still really love him and want his life to be better as he desperately does too but I feel as if I am fighting a losing battle. Does anyone have any experience of mamba addiction and how long it took for someone to come off it? hes been smoking it day and all through the night, up every few hours for 6 months and I have read everywhere users can be violent and unpredictable and I am very worried he may turn on me. He would never ever touch me with a sober head but as he calls it when he is "rattling" he's out of control and really awful to be around.


Icarus Trust
22 Apr 2016

Hi Harrietemily

I'm sorry to read your story and wonder if you would like to talk to someone who would understand what you are dealing with. I work for a charity called The Icarus Trust that supports the families of addicts. We have experienced trained volunteers called Family Friends who you could talk to. They may be able to answer your questions and help you to find a way ahead. This is a free service.
You can contact us on or visit the website
I hope that you can get some help. Stay strong and keep safe!

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