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Advice please

Posted by Jimbob on 10 December 2014.

Our son who we think the world of is bleeding us dry, we give him money the week before he gets  paid to  help him out and yet when he does get paid he never has enough to pay us bat. He work full time and he is always skint.  I am on disability  and  my husband is nearly 70, he is bleeding us dry and I really like doing myself in.  I  love our son but I think cocaine has taken too much of a grip what can I do?


Icarus Trust
12 Dec 2014

Hi Jimbob,
The previous post has nothing to do with Adfam or Icarus Trust.
There are no magic answers but there are people who you can talk to who have experience of what you are going through.
The Icarus Trust is a charity that is there to support family and friends of addicts through our 'Family Friend' service. if you contact us we would put you in touch with one of our Family Friends who will listen and try to help you. This is a free service so please give it a try.
You can contact us on or visit the website

Icarus Trust
12 Dec 2014

Hi Jimbob,
The previous post I referred to has now been taken off as it didn't represent the support that Adfam or Icarus Trust offer. Sorry for any confusion. 
I hope that you will get in touch with Icarus Trust and find it useful.

16 Dec 2014

Jo bob, I know that are enabling your son, and each time you give him money you add to his addiction..stop giving him money..if he wants to do cocaine, no amount of money will ever be enough...get support for yourself, because simply talking to others makes life more bearable..the best thing I did was to stop all the, food, paying his bills....wish I'd have done it much earlier...hugs to you xx

sad and tired
22 Jan 2015

I can agree with the above, my son had a heavy coke habit, I gave him money as I thought I was helping him.  I was only helping him continue to pay dealers for drugs. Stop helping him, be hard, don't give him cash, if he is hungry cook him a meal.  I have done this and it is paying off slowly with my son.  Sometimes they have to hit rock bottom to come back up  xx and I agree I wish I had done it sooner

Icarus Trust
27 Jan 2015

Hi Jimbob
I agree with all the others have said. Don't forget to get some help for yourself. The Icarus Trust is there if you need us.

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