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Alcoholic husband

Posted by Ariel on 23 January 2017.

Hi after a crappy Christmas time and my husbands drinking taking over everything he's finally admitted hes an alcoholic. Something i have also had to say out loud after knowing for a while. He's always loved a drink but i suppose when your just a couple you sort of accept it and if its not massively affecting your life carry.on with it! The drinkings got worse since we had our 2 beautiful children not sure if thats contributed or not?! 2 years ok he drank for 4 days sold locked me and my oldest out of our home so we spent 5 nights at my mums! He stopped and saught help went to counselling and was dry for 7 months!! Then went on a bender for a couple of days stopped agsin for about 8 months! Got a new job so started to have odd drink (or so i thought), transpires this was a lot more than odd drink! Just before christmas he was in bed post night shift up and down put of bedroom said he couldnt sleep, come early evening he had arranged cover for his shift that night and was drunk!! Bottle of wine hid in bedroom drawer and god knows what else he drunk!! Over christmas period found lots of empty bottles hid in cellar!! He'd been drinking in a morning after his night shift!! The lies hes told are unbelievable!! I feel like the trust has gone and i have this sick feeling in my stomach most of the time!! I nipped to shop and a friends and returned to him drunk!! He has stopped drinking for 2 weeks and been to AA twice a week for those weeks which is good!! I just dont know how to live with this constant worry of if hes gping to start drinking again!! He says its one day at a time but im struggling to live my life one day at a time!!


Icarus Trust
30 Jan 2017

Hi Ariel,
Thank you for posting your story. I'm so sorry that you are finding it so hard living with the effect of your husband's drinking.  It must be so worrying for you. 
If you feel that you would like to talk with someone who would understand, please contact The Icarus Trust, a charity that provides support for those living with the affects of a loved ones addictions. Our 'Family Friends,' experienced trained volunteers are available for you to talk with. It may help you to work out how to go forward and would also give you contacts for other support available.
You can contact us on or visit the website
Good luck with everything.

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