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Brother a crack addict

Posted by MrDH on 17 July 2015.

How do you help your brother if he is locked in a cycle of drugs feeding emotional difficulties feeding drugs feeding emotional difficulties .....??
We (brothers and sisters) found out about his serious coke habit and tried to help and he promised he was going to sort it out, had convincing arguments etc. It was one of my little brothers who found out last time, this time around he knew to hide it from him and we eventually found out through someone else. He said that now he knows he just has one more person to hide it from! I am sure he is just trying to manage who knows what, trying to stay in control while falling apart at the seams. He is petrified that his wife will find out and we haven't told her as he is fragile and scared of losing her. It has stepped up now, he has started "washing back" the coke and then smoking it. I don't know what this is but I have heard it turns it into crack and that this is even more dangerous. Last but by no means least, he has talked about suicide and says he is constantly depressed.
He needs help, I am scared that if his wife finds out she will leave and it will devastate him so much that he will kill himself or descend further into a hole of drugs and depression.
Any advice?


23 Jul 2015

she will find out eventually as by the sounds of it it is spiralling out of control and it is hard but he is an adult and it is his choice but it is hard being family and being helpless as to what to do as there isn't a lot you can do its a shame other than get it off your chest on here ad support him but not financially there isn't a lot you can do sharonx

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