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Can I get through this? Feel so alone

Posted by Ally on 2 January 2015.

I'm so glad I've found this site, I'm feeling so alone, my husband has been using heroin on and off the last year, he works full time and pays for the mortgage and bills, I have a 1 year old baby who I look after in the home, he has used in the home a few months ago and I left for a week, he ended up overdosing and hospitalised, after he agreed to get help via the drugs service and psychologist I moved back in.. He's been using on and off again and now wants to go on maintenance (methadone or subtext) we have now agreed to separate he's agreed to move out for a while (in February) , I'm so scared he will spiral out of control and use in the house and put our child at risk until he goes..I also don't want to leave as he will use it as a chance to use, i can't tell any family members as they are still recovering from the last time he was hospital, his parents are distraught, don't  want to put them through the pain, have to just hope he leaves. It's so hard bringing up a baby and being on edge around him in the house.  feel anxious and stressed all the time,   If he goes on methadone or subetex will it make a difference to how I feel? Can he hold down a job? any advice on how to deal with this and keep sane would be appreciated. Thank you.


Icarus Trust
3 Jan 2015

Hi Ally,
So sorry that you are having to deal with all of this. It must be so hard for you to feel so anxious and  stressed, as well as bringing up a young baby.
Sadly there are lots of people like you having to deal with the addiction of others around them, but there is help for you out there.
May be you would like to talk to someone who understands what you are going through?  The charity, Icarus Trust provides people like yourself with a 'family Friend'. This is an experienced trained volunteer who you would be able to talk with. They may be able to help you find a way ahead and would also sign post you to other services available.
It is a free service and I hope that you might find it useful.
Please contact us on or visit the website
I really hope that this helps you.

5 Jan 2015

Hi ive been with my partner 15yrs & have with 2 boys (8 & 12) with him. We briefly split up 8yrs ago for a few months. When we got back together he was addicted to heroin & it took a year to find out. He got on a methadone programme which he regrets cause he said the amount of heroin he was doing it would of been easier to cluck (withdraw). Hes still on methadone now. He works 50 hours a week & provides for us. Dont be fooled that being on methadone will stop him using but it gives him more of a stable life with getting on back on the right track. It'll be more of a choice to use or not. Good luck its going to be a long road. X

5 Jan 2015

Thanks it helps to know it works, many 'stories, about people using methadone are that they are unable to work...hope it will get him stable so he can hold down a job, I worry so much about what the future have had a many years if this and still together then... That gives me some hope a normal family life can be possible x

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