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enough is enough

Posted by sad and tired on 28 April 2014.

Well the day has come as I knew it would my son has lost his job due to being out all night and not getting up to go to work yet again.  I have asked him to come and talk he would rather stay with his mates so I have told him that I love him, but I have had enough and not to come back until he is ready to do something about getting himself straight, I am sad and worried as I don't know where he will go but I hope this will give him the kick up the backside he needs...


29 Apr 2014

Hey hunni......I fear there is nothing left to do, other than wait....Stick to your guns, and perhaps just ask around quietly to check he is ok......sending hugs xxx

sad and tired
29 Apr 2014

no I know.....not sure I can ask around quietly, I don't really know these new friends.  I left a few bits of clothes outside for him to pick up and they have gone, but I haven't heard from him and don't expect to until his friends are fed up of him or he hasn't any money or he thinks I have had enough time to miss him and take him back.  I know I have to be strong and leave him to feel a bit of hardship but its not easy.  I feel tearful and very weary xxx

29 Apr 2014

Oh hunni, I Still feel weary some days, but it does get better....My son came over yesterday and it was obvious he wanted a blow out before going to prison tomorrow. Asked his step dad for money and he said no...He doesnt ask me cause he knows better.. So he went out then came back at around 4ish in the morning...yes hed had a few drinks at a friends, and told his stepdad hed been offered exstacy,..whether he took it we dont know, but he went back to his exes..not heard anything, but will have my grandson tomorrow so his ex can go to court with him.......Is he on Facebook....I made an account and found out alot just by reading his page...just a thought!!! Stay strong hunni...he is old enough to look after himself and no doubt will turn up when things get too much....sendign hugs hunni xxxxxxx

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