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Feel like I'm on a TV Drama show

Posted by Unknown Mike on 11 May 2014.

My dad does coccaine or at least I think he does, he's referred to it a few times yelling about my mom smoking all his crack but I don't think she does it anymore once she got tested positive for coccaine but that's not even the worst part they argue 24/7, my dad thinks my mom Is a whore with these black guys that he's never found he thinks my mom is hiding black guys and fucking them in the house he's paranoid breaks stuff all the time him and my mom are downstairs a lot when they come home and down their for hours at the middle of the night and early morning there's no tv down there or anything so idk what they do and don't wanna know but always hearing yelling and shit breaking he gets really angry and in the past 2 years we've gotten poor ever since this got started used to be fine now where poor it sucks my mom doesent work my dad does sometimes it's crazy I do get scared when he comes up hear yelling where is the nigg*** and starts breaking stuff plates and glass starts really messing with My mom she has to come and sleep in my room oh yeah they barley sleep I've notices up till 5am I wake up for school and there just going to bed in the past hour idk if I should be telling you guys this I don't want anything to happen just really concered if I can do anything? I'm afraid to confront and ask them to stop this, just one day he'll snap and hurt my mom I think btw he's never found anyone hiding in the house I just think hes paranoid from drugs like coccaine I dis resreach and that was a symptom I'm not a minor I'm 18 btw also we've just has a baby that was taken by DCF cause they found the coccaine in my mom that's how I know she's done coccaine recently it's sad my mom is a great mother wonder when I'll get my baby bro back, really does feel like a tv drama


sad and tired
11 May 2014

So sorry you are going through this, it shouldn't be on your shoulders.  If your baby brother has been taken then outsiders know how bad the problem is.  Have you got grandparents you can turn to and maybe move in with.  Although you love your mum, she has to be the one to make that decision to get away from drugs and your dad, sometimes it is difficult for adults to make important decisions even though deep down they know they should.  So until that day comes you need to think of you.  If you haven't got family, is there a teacher or youth leader you trust.  Please go to someone and ask for help for you.  Good luck xx

11 May 2014

Im so sad reading this...Sad and tired is right..think of you...IF they both want to live this drug fuelled life , as hard as it is leave them to it....You need to get support from someone....for YOU!!!  Both mum and dad need help..but only they can get it if they want it!!!!!xx

concerned mum
12 May 2014

Hi ....Am sorry to hear what your going through..Some of us here are Parents struggling with our kids abusing substances and know full well how difficult and draining it can be,  to be dealing with this at your age must be horrendous..I understand that they re your parents and you love them and are scared for them but you really should nt be carrying this burden alone...You really do need someone to talk with and offer you support...Like sad and tired has said...Have you got anyone you can go and stay with for a while?  Any other relative or friend you can trust?  You need to look after your best interests im sorry to say this but this isnt going to just go away your parents need to ask for and accept that they need help only they can do this.....Please dont let yourself get caught up in it get some help...Take care and good luck xx

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