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finally news .........but sadly not good

Posted by Franticmum on 14 June 2014.

an update on a recent post, ive finally had news about my son , he has been seen by a friend of one of my other sons, not good though he was seen going into a cash converters store with a tv which we dont know if it was his, he was very scruffy looking and skinny, seems he was with several other undesirable looking men, it looks like he is back in the grip of the evil drug heroin, Ive suffered 18yrs some not as bad as others, some where i have feared for my sanity, he has not been in touch with anyone in the family since the episode the other month so while we have not got the violence and anguish of him in our lives it doesnt make it any easier to cope, I cannot go back to those dark days but what can I do? It is his choice but once again it has a knock on effect for all the family. I cannot understand why he is doing this, i know all about the evils of addiction but he is someone who hit rock bottom and was climbing back to a better future, I think I could handle it if it was just a relapse but feel there is no coming back from it this time, I fear he will end up killing himself or in prison, dont think Im going to get the happy ending I thought we were heading for this time last year. feeling very very down tonight dont know what to do anymore I have not got the strength to go through it all again.......


15 Jun 2014

Hey hunni....Addiction is very hard for all those under its spell....I dont think it matters what we as parents want..its down to thats the cruel part. Been thinking about all our boys, and the sadness that we have had to endure, but Im 100% sure that if they could they would never have taken the path to drugs....Stay strong hunni, and know that when he is ready, he will return..... sending hugs and prayers....will say one tonight to keep him safe, and dont forget to look after yourself..xxxx

15 Jun 2014

Hi Sue & Susie, think of you both often..
wishing you both love & lite, peace & happiness..
I'm okay, just waiting for my boy to be sentenced :( xxx

sad and tired
17 Jun 2014

Frantically, I am so sorry to hear this, it is our worst nightmare but it is only them that can do anything about where they are going. We are helpless spectators. It is heartbreaker, to feel our sons have gone we can only hope something will make them see sense. I am not having a good time with my son at the moment and just pray that I am doing right by not having him home, he just seems to get worse. Stay strong it's all we can do xxx

17 Jun 2014

Hey ladies.....Getting scared, been told my son comes out 4th July.....Im scared because I dont know what to expect, but one thing I do know and he knows is if he returns to his old ways....he is on his own...! Sending positivity, love and massive hugs to you all..... xxxx

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