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Free Fall to Heroin

Posted by MrsM on 13 August 2015.

Today my brother was in the local paper having been convicted of possession of heroin and crack. How did come to this? It seems over the past 3 years he has gone from alcohol to cocaine and now this.
I have given him money, I have bought him shopping paid bills and rowed with him. Today I  pleaded with him to get help that he says he doesn't need.
When he was born my mum bought me a copy of The Hollies He Ain't  Heavy. And he never was until now seeing what he has done to my mum and sister my knees buckle under the weight and I can't turn my back.


28 Aug 2015

Hi Mrs don't have to turn your's hard watching family members destroy thrmselves....please stop enabling him though, something I learned after constsntly trying to bail my son out..I will not be part of the problem...because whilst your paying his bills he can still do drugs....take some time out for you and family, come to some agreement where you all stick to doing the same thing regarding your brother....I got the whole fsmily involved and told them not to give him money at all..not to give him a bed when he was high....bloody hard, but he knows the ground rules.....hugs and love to you ...take care xxx

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