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if I could only make her see what she is doing

Posted by everhopefull on 24 June 2015.

this is the first time ive ever used a forum and its in desperation to help me help my daughter. 
my daughter is 25 yrs old has 3 young children and her life is out of control with alcohol. I could fill pages with the effects drink has had on her life her childrens life and her familles lives trying to help her.
I feel im in a losing battle where im constantly trying to save her from herself. ive been in situations that ive pulled her out of places , tryed tobkeep her away from drinking friends, had the children for days untill she is in control of herself. she has missed so many important things for the children.
ive tried everything from beingvsupportive asking her to see her gp. paid her debts , pleading, probably saying the wrong things in the heat of the moment.
I am at the end of the road now, I feel lost, guilty, and so sad. all I can see ahead is her life being destroyed . she is a binge drinker and will justify this as being young and needing a life. she has never admited having a problem and never associates any of the chaos with how her drinking makes her behave.  
how can I encorage her to admit she has a problem


Icarus Trust
29 Jun 2015

It must be so difficult for you to watch the impact alcohol is having on your daughter. Sadly many people are going through similar experiences to yourself but there is help out there. The Icarus Trust is a charity that supports the friends and families of addicts. We offer a free service of experienced trained volunteers that you could be put in touch with. Talking with one of them  may help you to find a way ahead and they would be able to signpost you to what help is available for your daughter. Maybe it would help you to feel less lost. I hope so!
You can contact us on or visit the website

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