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Missing my boy but not missing what comes with him

Posted by concerned mum on 19 May 2014.

Hey everyone that has supported me in recent times...have read through some of your posts and seems like some of you are having highs and some of you lows still....

I havent seen my son for a while now....he movedinto another flat I dropped some of his personal stuff down there and it was really strained.   I told him i was awaiting an apology for how he had treated me....I did nt get one.

He did text last week asking how his younger brother was (Not Me) and to send him his love so I replied saying he sent love back....Its so difficult leaving him to it not knowing how he is , if he is eating properly , if he is in a mess but very selfishly its also very peaceful im not being insulted and nagged for money everyday and have had some quality time this week with his toddler brother in the sun...but I still worry and still miss him cant make sense of my feelings at the moment I feel like a hypocrite have left him be because of all the abuse but then question the morality of it all..Guess this is gonna take longer than i hoped...Thoughts go out to all you parents and whatever decisions you have to make and come to terms with its definately not easy....sometimes you just feel you cant do right for wrong ..good luck everyone xx


20 May 2014

Hey concerned mum.....have thought about you, like all the other parents on here......He knows you are there, and deep down he knows you love him...What you are doing is the right thing, and I think you know that already hunni....Parents of addicts are remarkable people, who show remarkable resolve...our health suffers , we live on a knife's edge and we constantly have that sick feeling in our stomach.....The fact he texted your phone speaks volumns.....he may be coming to realise that you wont be there to bail him out anymore and he is feeling sorry for himself....give him time son was exactly he same when I stopped enabling him.... sending you a MASSIVE hug xxx

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