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My brother is a alcoholic and drug abuser

Posted by Ann on 31 March 2017.

Hi to all thoses going through drink drugs and mental Heath with a family member . I am desperate me and my sister regarding my brother. He is 46 with mental health he's taking drugs weed crack and a full blown Alcoholic we love him dearly but we are tired as we have been doing this for years helping in everyway we can. Him going into hospital getting him rehoused again and again he doesn't care about his appearance he does nothing absolutely nothing for may some of you think but he's got mental problems. But he's capable of doing theses things but he leaves it to us cause all we have done is cared 25 years I want to walk away but cause the emotional side of my heart keeps making me feel bad .you have to go through this to really understand how this has deteriated my mums health to the point we try and keep him away it sounds cruel .iv been through so many case workers doctors housing you name it but the problem is he doesn't want to do anything and I mean anything to help himself he just wants to drink and take drugs .me and my sister are at the end where do we draw the line if we keep bailing him out with dealers ect one of us will get hurt police have been involved several times Iv tried to get him help with the drink and drugs but he doesn't care what should we do thank you for reading


Icarus Trust
10 Apr 2017

Hi Ann,
How hard this must be for you and your sister trying to support your brother obviously for many years. I can read in your post how desperate you feel and was wondering whether you have heard of the Icarus Trust. 
We are a charity that provides support for families and friends that are dealing with a loved one's addictions. We have experienced  trained  volunteers who you might like to talk to as they have a good understanding of what you are going through.  Talking with one of them might help you to feel less desperate.
You can contact us on or visit the website
I hope that you your sister and your mum can get some help and support for yourselves.

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