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My daughter

Posted by Lynbo on 3 May 2017.

My daughter has had a problem with taking cocaine and drink since 2009, when it first reared its ugly head I buried my head in the sand, and couldn't believe what people were saying, she went working 6 months to Australia, to come back after 5/6 weeks but it seemed to have her back on track, since then she has lost really good jobs through letting her bosses down and not being able to trust her, she seemed to getting on the right track and as she wasn't living with me I thought things were good, every so often she would come round to see if she could stay and was very depressed not thinking it was drugs use to buy her things she wanted, then to disappear again. This year I had a total knee replacement, and she came round to help thought this is my daughter and asked if she could move in, since then it has gone so bad sleeps most the time bad tempers, disappearing in middle of the night say she is going out for 5 mins and not coming back till morning , either drunk which I thought she was at the time but since learnt coke was the reason, she was driving around, the last episode she was high/ drunk and lasted all day tried taking a handful of tablets which we don't know what they were or where they come from and took them a ambulance was called but she did a runner over the wall at the back, then she bolted to her previous house with a man we trusted, again she found her way to me arguing and shouting at me to run off to the river, all I could think of she ends up in there that she will drown, had search party out and was found at the big Manor House, they tried to keep her there and she went to another house of a friend who told her she had to leave as couldn't deal with her in this state, she finally came to mine to find her car key to get in her car to drive off, but a car pulled up to the front of her car and I put van at the rear of her car, she is in a self destruct mode, her so called friends have told me of her use of coke , and when they can't control her they bring her back to me to sort out, the so called friend whose house she was staying at was messaging her pics of drink and packets of coke to entice her back to him whilst she had moved in with me, I feel so betrayed, what chance has my daughter got she is 27 years old, moved back in with the so called friend of the family, won't talk to me , I tell her I love her and will be here when she needs help, I keep hoping that she will come to want the help , but she is going on as if nothing is wrong, I love my daughter but feel it's a losing battle


Icarus Trust
6 Jun 2017

Hi Lynbo,
I feel so sad reading your story. I can see how very hard it is to watch what's happening to your daughter. If it would help please contact The Icarus Trust. we are a charity that provides support for the friends and families having to deal with a loved one's addiction. If you think it would help to talk one of our 'Family Friends' who are experienced volunteers would be put in touch with you.
You can contact us on or visit the website
I do hope this helps. Good luck.

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