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My Mum is an Alcoholic

Posted by I Am. on 1 August 2015.

Since I was 4, my mum has been a really bad on and off alcoholic. I'm 14 now. My sister tried to take care of me when my mum drank, but it was difficult for her because she was only 9 at the time, and my dad was nearly always at work. Before we came to England, it got really bad, and even on the flight over my mum was drunk. It took her a couple years to fully get over the drinking, and she was sober for about five years. My mum and dad split up about a year and a half ago, and my mum's drinking has started again. It's gotten really bad, so bad that I have to stay at my dad's when I should be staying at my mum's. I'm scared of what will happen when she gets help, because my dad was abusive to my mum a few years back and now she's drinking. My sister is 19 now and at university, so there's no way she could take care of me, my grandma is really ill and has to go to the hospital a lot and my parents aren't exactly healthy people to stay with. What should I do?


6 Aug 2015

Heya :) .. im 24 and my mum is an alcoholic too. I know how your feeling and the feelings you are likely to have. 
You have to remember (something I have not yet accepted) that YOU WILL NOT change your mum and SHE has to acknowlage the problem and WANT to fix it. I know your not saying you want to fix it but just always remember that. 
Onto your question, if you believe you are in danger then you can call social services and they will help you. They will try to help your family too, if that fails you may be put into foster care but i know that they are reluctant to separate families unless its absolutly essential. Its worth looking into. You cant let their failings affect you. x

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