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Posted by CareBear on 5 May 2014.

Ive been put ina situation Where id prayed and hoped id never be, my boyfriend of 13 years has been the jiy in my life. Recently i found text messages that alerted my concern then i found him at home one day Notting and completely out of it. His eyes were dark black and the worst of it he had markings on his arms. After he said he never touched it. But i have doubts the other night i found a needle. What can i do i cant be in a relationship wheres theres no trust i wantto drug test him so im seeking help if someone out there can lead me id Appreciate it. God bless


5 May 2014

Hi care bear, 

After reading your story, I had flashbacks to my previous life with my partner now clean. Trust your gut instincts  no matter what, if you feel concerned or unsure why not approach your partner is a controlled way, has he used before? trust is everything and without leaves nothing but grief wonder despair shame. I know what it feels like to be in that situation where you love someone so much you become so lost in them and end up loosing yourself out of fear of loosing them. Its a very tough road to go down if you are unsure if he has used it or has had thoughts of temptation. Either way it is a risk but if you love him he should be honest and tell you the truth, you cannot do it all on your own, and you need to make yourself aware of what his feelings might be when you approach him. Honesty is everything I hope you can find out the truth and also be able to put your heart at rest xx

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