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Need help making a decission

Posted by Brother on 25 October 2014.

My big brother has been using crack cocaine for almost five yrs he has been very violent toward us recently he is a taxi driver for over seven yrs and ended up with the wrong company he has been transporting for them and have endangered our lives my parent his wife and myself  he has gotten to the point of drug use that he got into an accident with the car my parents gave him to work with  and went and sold it for for undervalue the price he then demanded with violence another car from my parents started asking for money constantly to fix this and that in the car he never fixed anything he left the car to break down when the car could work taxi anymore he sold it to pay off his drug bill that's when we found out he has been using crack cocaine  we got the police and place him in a mental hospitals the doctor advise us he is very manipulative and he is saying he want to go rehab because in the mental hospital it's lock down and he wants freedom to go back on his drug use the doctor then advise us of another place a home run by a pastor for mentally challenge and drug addict that's totally lock down he has been in there almost a year now and is only asking when we are going to take him out  since he has been in there he have tried to escape one time he was caught and brought back now his wife has send him divorce papers and he is frustrated and is now treatining that if we don't take him out by December he is going on a hunger strike what you think I should do ps pastor say he behaves like if he has a mild form of bipolar


6 Nov 2014

Hi Brother!

For a situation of this level, you need to speak to people who have had a similar experience with addicts in the family.  Also, even though it is your brother with the poblem, you also need help every now and then.  The Icarus Trust is an charity which provides a free Family Friend, who is someone for you to speak to about your situation.  And then there is a signposting service to help you find the best help for you and your family.  Please get in touch with them on or go to their website  It can at least be a step in the right direction to you.  

Best of luck!

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