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Not putting up with this anymore

Posted by concerned mum on 28 April 2014.

I have really had to put my foot down with my son, although he no longer lives with us he has been totally consuming our finances and lives..He drinks excessively, smokes cannabis, uses Mcat and has took other stuff as well on a regular basis.  I have tried ecerything to support him brought him food when he has wasted his benefits, took time from work to clean his flat when it was trashed by dealers took him to the hospital on many occasions for various reasons.  Supported him in court and landed up with his fine as he was under eighteen, brought him clothes because stuff was confiscated by police for evidence purposes, visited him in prison which nearly drove me to a break down, gave him money (Iknow i shouldnt have)
been dragged through his flat and shoved flying out of the door because i caught him with drugs...The list could go on and on.  Following another recent release from prison he was housed in a probation hostel out of the area as he was being evicted from his flat he decided he were nt staying there and came back to his home town.  People all advised me to get tough with him which I did...He slept on the street for three nights I felt awful I was asked by another adult to pay for him to go in a b and b I refused not because i dont care ...I cant afford to and he put himself in this position.

This is the great bit his probation officer has advised him to stay away from me get clean get a job and stick his two fingers up at me for not helping him..How dare they judge me and my parenting when they havent got the first idea of what he has put this family through...I am absolutely disgusted and hurt that i am being the one that is being made to feel like rubbish...I have now told my son to not contact me as i cannot and will not put up with anymore.  Sorry this goes on and on i needed to get off my chest


28 Apr 2014

Hey hun...Wrapping my arms round you and congratulating you for ending your misery.......Whether his probation officer has said it or not (which if he has, then he obviously knows nothing about drug abuse) ignore it...I can sense your hurting, but it will get better...We never stop loving our kids, but we can make a stand and say enough is enough.......DONT let anyone make you feel like rubbish...YOUR NOT!!!!! It seems your story is my story .......the abuse the lies the stealing, the vile words of hate........I choose not to be part of it, and for now am in a much better place. My son goes to court this Wednesday......he wants to move down south to start fresh and is making ago of it with his ex...whether it happens is up to him...ive heard it all so am not holding my breath.....ONLY OUR SONS CAN STOP THIS MISERY.....Dont forget that xxxxx here if you need me xxxxx

sad and tired
28 Apr 2014

Doubt his probation officer would have said that, they lie as well you know.  You have done what you can, leave him to it.  xxxx

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